Crowns – One Appointment, No Temporaries

Drs. Storey and Daly are proud to be one of the few offices in Northeastern PA to offer crowns in one visit. Using CEREC technology, we can prepare a tooth for a crown, take digital pictures of your mouth, and then design and mill the crown in just one visit. CEREC technology also utilizes esthetic porcelain ceramics so that your newly crowned tooth will look and feel as good as your “natural” tooth once did. 

Conventional crowns require not only cumbersome impressions that can lead to gingival (gum) irritation and discomfort, but they also involve temporary crowns, weeks of waiting for the crown to come from the lab, and a second dental appointment. With our brand new CEREC digital imaging software, we can avoid those impressions and wait time by simply taking a series of images of your mouth and then designing and milling your crown right in our office. So, no temporary crowns and no need to miss work or play for a second visit!

CEREC technology originated almost 30 years ago and has continued to evolve and improve. There are over 250 scientific articles that have proven the success of CEREC restorations in terms of fit, strength, durability, and longevity.

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